Become a Member of Four County Players

Thank you for supporting Four County Players. Bravo to you for your interest!

Membership is vital to keeping Four County Players a vibrant part of the community.

All regular members of Four County Players are:*

  • Entitled to vote at the annual meeting
  • Eligible to stand for election to the board of directors
  • Included in the listing of members in mainstage performance playbill and on our website
  • Eligible for early access to ticket sales (when available)*Youth members are not eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting.

Membership Levels

  • Youth (ages 12-17): $10 (If involved in a 4CP production, first year is free!)
  • Friend: $25
  • Supporter: $100
  • Patron: $250
  • Angel: $500
  • Producer: $1,000
  • Lifetime: $10,000

It’s easy to become a member!  Click the become a member button.  

Become a member!

You may also mail your membership dues to:Four County Players
5256 Governor Barbour St.
Barboursville, Virginia 22923

Sponsorship:  Businesses and individuals may support Four County Players productions by sponsoring or cosponsoring a mainstage show, a Cellar performance, workshops, or other event. To learn more about show sponsorships or to advertise in a playbill, email Edward Warwick White at for rates.

Meet our current membership! (Updated as of 9.15.2022)
Don’t see your name? Contact Jennifer Phelps to make sure your membership is up-to-date!

Carl and Sandy Schwaner
Gene Wagner

Jeanne and David Bruton
Marty Moore
Debbie and Charlie Owen
Chad and Angela Sokolowski
Orange County Virginia Tourism
David and Linda Zuby

David and Donna Blackistone
Elaine Fogliani
The Market at Grelen
Meg Hoover
Amy Goffman and Jim Horstkotte
Laurie Lowrance
Perrie and Brad May
Wendy Novicoff
Michael O’Brien and Family
Lacy’s Florist of Orange
Jeff and Karen Ward

Joe and Gerry Anderson
Michelle Bentzen and Family
Lew Butts
Tom and Anna Ferrell
Stephanie Finn
Kevin and Gerilee Hundt Hagood
Kristen and Nicolas Heiderstadt
Brian and Paige Johns
Kathy Kahlenberg
David and Virginia Lutton
Joe and Kate Monaghanj
Susan and Pete Morris
Mary Palmer
Christine Peterson
Geri and Chip Sauls
Carl and Sandy Schwaner
Mandy Shuker
Mary and Mark Speed
Miller Susen
Erica Umback
Tres and Cyndi Wells

Cherish and Josh Alberts
Julie Alexandrin
Craig Ames
PMH Atwater
Susan Berres
Southern Blooms
Ann Brady
Joni Capelle
Dorothy Carannante
Gene and Rebecca Christy
Cheryl Cooper
Warren and Annie Craghead Way
Jennifer Cunningham
Chip Earle
Pam and Bob Edelman
Wayne and Michelle Edwards
Todd and Katie Feagans
Dan Feigert
Rebecca and David Gess
Becky Gildersleeve
Calvin and Tina Gilley
Charles Gumas
Rosemary Haas
Rick and Tracy Hagemeier
Barbara Hamran
Kathy and Lou Hatter
Robert and Mary Haught
Charlie and Stephanie Hess
Linda and Marc Hogan
John Holdren
Michael Holthus
David Hoover
Amy Goffman and Jim Horstkotte
Jennifer Cunningham and Robert Howard
David Hutchins
Tara Inabinett
Mary Johns
Judy Kirby
Michael and Becky Kneller
Andra Landi
Rebecca Leonard
Tim Leroux
Liz and Rich Leukroth
Peppy Linden
Laura and Benjamin Loveday
Michelle Majorin
John Marshall
Paula and Jim McConnell
Scott and Ann Mingledorff
James and Joan Mummery
Laura Nelson Oetgen
Amy Offner
Mark O’Hara
James & Mary O’Reilly
Christine Peterson
Vicki and Tony Remijan
Bucky and Norma Reynolds
Nancy Rodland
Keaton and Meredith Rodland
Mariko and Kevin Schaper Doktor
Geri Schirmer
Edward and Kathy Seroskie
Jane Shackelford
Bryan and Heather Snyder
Charif and Alison Soubra
Dan Stern
Eric Stevenson
Lauren Stitz
Gerald Stockli
John and Berta Storey
Pamela Sullivan
Christine Sweeters
Steve and Neil Tharp
Devynn and Derby Thomas
Al and Linda Torrington
Drew Trotter
Marie Trotter
Christina Wallace
Tom and Meghan Wallace
Amy Wells
Leslie McFaden and Mary Beth Wiley
Debbie and Rick Wilkinson
Christopher Wolfe and Wolfe Insurance
Sid and Linnea Wood
Karen and Zachary Zimet
Mark Zimmerman
Robert and Ruth Zweck

Susan Albert
Larry and Anne Arbogast
Kathy Arbour
Peter Archey
Heather Arguitt
Devon Barber
Erin Battan
Emmetri Beane
Mike and Nancy Beasley
Barbara and Mitch Bernstein
Dorothy Boone
Donald Brady
Donovan Branche
Christina Brooks
Aly Brookland
Vestris Brooks
Elaine Brown
Ricky and Janis Buchanan
Kenneth and Elizabeth Burns
Bob and Lorraine Busey
Lew Butts
Johncie Carlson
Catherine Cashman
Kate and Michael Cadaret (Lambert)
Melissa Charles
Patti Christie
Sara Conklin
Agnus Dalton
Harry Daniel
Amy David
Lois Dean
Rudy and Cynthia DeCanio
Lavinia deViller
Susan Dickerson
Barbara Drinkwater
Michaela Duran
Lissa Eaton
Christian Eberle
MP Equipment
Heather and Jim Erskine
Robert and Brittany Eversberg
David and Liliane Fortna
Richard and Valerie Frayer
Meiping Gong
Tom and Mary Pat Hanson
Bruce and Karen Harrison
William & Louise Hay
Steve Heggemann
Bill and Kathy Hines
Mimi Hirsch
Mark Hoerath
Charlie and Rachel Hommel
Mark Hope
Elizabeth Howard
Tim Hulsey
Phillis and Chris Hynes
Katie Ignaszewski
Wesley Jefferies
Natalie Jensen
Jannine Jones
Sheila Katz
Joanna Kepker
Katherine Lambert
Christine Lazorishak
Alison and Stephen Levine
Robert and Catherine Lively
Sarah Lupo
Philip Madell
Judith G. Mahanes
Sara Mann
Erika and James Marshall
Kirk Martini
Laura and Richard Mawyer
William McClellan
Anne McLaughlin
Lisa Medders
Jennifer and David Merriman
Hank and Susan Milledge
Dawne Montgomery
Brie Moon
Catherine Morales
Tina Morrison
Tom and Sue Murphy
Ann Murray
Benjamin Nordbrock
Samuel David Nordbrock
Dave and Ann Normansell
Stephanie Owen
Ethan Phelps
Jennifer and Andy Phelps
Leslie Quenichet
Timothy Read
Steven Reid
Buckey and Norma Reynolds
Penetha Robertson
Eric Rodas
Karen Schlicht
Doug Schneider
Karen Schultz
Dana Schwarzkopf
Beth Sharpe
Barry and Midge Shawley
Laura Shears
Craig Slingluff
Timothy Hulsey and Christopher Smith
Hal and Linda Smith
Andrea Smith
Eileen Smith
Fran Smith
Berta and John Storey
Laura Sutherland
Josie and John Taylor
Kathy and Allyson Thorpe
Stefanie Van Gulden-Hoover
Hannah Vidaver
William and Renee Vollrath
Donna Wallace
Edward and Gary Warwick White
John Wharton