Become a Member of Four County Players

Thank you for supporting Four County Players. Bravo to you for your interest!

Membership is vital to keeping Four County Players a vibrant part of the community.

All regular members of Four County Players are:

  • Entitled to vote at the annual meeting
  • Eligible to stand for election to the board of directors
  • Included in the listing of members in mainstage performance playbill

Membership Levels

  • Friend: $25
  • Supporter: $100
  • Patron: $250
  • Angel: $500
  • Producer: $1,000
  • Lifetime: $10,000

It’s easy to become a member!  Click the become a member button.  

Become a member!

You may also mail your membership dues to:Four County Players
5256 Governor Barbour St.
Barboursville, Virginia 22923

Sponsorship:  Businesses and individuals may support Four County Players productions by sponsoring or cosponsoring a mainstage show, a Cellar performance, workshops, or other event. To learn more about show sponsorships or to advertise in a playbill, email Edward Warwick White at for rates.

Meet our current membership! (Updated as of 9.20.2021)
Don’t see your name? Contact Jennifer Phelps to make sure your membership is up-to-date!

Carl and Sandy Schwaner
Gene Wagner

Jeanne Bruton
Anthony and Geraldine Ficarra
Cynthia and Robert Joskowiak
Wendy Novicoff
David and Linda Zuby

Jeanne and David Bruton
Meg Hoover
Jeffrey and Karen Ward

Delores and Kasey Chadwick
Lynn Cowen
Ricci and Kim DeLoriea
Tom and Anna Ferrell
Stevens and Nancy Garlick
David Hoover
Laurie Lowrance
Matt and Mary Murray
Debbie and Charlie Owen
Karen and Rob Schlicht
Ned and Cyndi Wells

PMH and Terry Atwater
Susan Berres
Tanya Bird
Whit and Cathy Brinkley
Jeffrey Bromm
William and Barbara Browning
Kara Burke
Philip and Marie Carduck
Charles and Janet Cheesman
Blair Driskell
Chip Earle
Pam and Bob Edelman
Charles Fisher
Dianna Foster
John and Elizabeth Franklin
Elizabeth Fuller
Kevin Hagood and Gerilee Hundt
Barbara Hamran
Sherri and Mark Harding
Robert and Mary Haught
Charlie and Stephanie Hess
Katie Hutchins
Brian and Paige Johns
Brenda and Bill Jones
Michael and Becky Kneller
Peppy Linden
Ella Mabie
John Davies and Margaret Moon
Hank and Susan Milledge
Katy Miner
Scott and Ann Mingledorff
Nancy Moser
Mark and Carolyn O’Hara
James & Mary O’Reilly
Kathleen and Aaron Olowin
Susan Morris and Pete Ross
Mandy Shuker
Bill Smith
Bryan and Heather Snyder
Charif and Alison Soubra
Dan Stern
Eric Stevenson
Chris Sweeters
Steve and Neil Tharp
Devynn and Derby Thomas
Tom and Meghan Wallace
Edward (Joe) Weld
Sid and Linnea Wood
Karen and Zachary Zimet

Josh and Cherish Alberts
Scott Bates and Ken Clark 
Judy and Ferdinand Bazin
Mike and Nancy Beasley
Roger and Roseanne Boykin
Harrison and Suzanne Bresee 
Kenneth Burns
Barbara Culbert 
Amy David
Christian Eberle
Robert and Brittany Eversberg
Sheila and Ron Funkhouser
Rod Hansen
William & Louise Hay
Chris and Elvira Highly
Mimi Hirsch
Anna Grey Hogan
Linda and Marc Hogan
Ken and Christine Kastan
Wendy and Jack King
Judith G. Mahanes
Kirk Martini
Laura and Richard Mawyer
William McClellan
Avis Mcguiggan
Lisa Medders
Jennifer and David Merriman
Ben Nordbrook
Ann and Dave Normansell 
Stephanie Owen
Jennifer and Andy Phelps
Danny and Neli Ramirez
Doug Schneider
Beth Sharpe
Fran Smith
Evan and Erika Snead
Larry and Hilda Specht
Bill and JoAnne Speiden
Laura Sutherland
Stefanie Van Gulden-Hoover
Hannah Vidaver
Edward and Gary Warwick White