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Book and Lyrics by Brian Hargrove
Music and Concept by Barbara Anselmi

Directed by Edward Warwick White
Music Direction by Kristin Baltes
Choreography by Mariko Schaper Doktor
Produced by Laurie Lowrance

AUDITIONS (virtual): Video submissions accepted through Sunday, January 23 at 2PM.
CALLBACKS (in person): Tuesday, January 25 at 7PM at Four County Players
REHEARSALS: Read-thru in late January; regular rehearsals begin in February. Exact schedule based on cast availability.
PERFORMANCES: April 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, May 6, 7 at 8PM; April 24, May 1, 8 at 2:30PM. All performances will be on the Four County Players Mainstage.

Here we have all the elements of a classical musical theater comedy: a wedding, two families, mother/daughter issues, father/son issues, an ex-boyfriend, and even a fantastic wedding planner. All of the things that you expect from a musical comedy…but with a surprise twist that takes the traditional, turns it upside down, and creates a modern story. A nonstop, 90-minute romp, IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU is full of wonderful music and big laughs – but at its heart, this show is about love, acceptance and, most of all, the importance of family.
NOTE: If you plan to audition, we highly encourage you to read the entire script prior to signing up. It’s important to understand who these characters are and the journeys they go on. Check the RSVP instructions for details on getting a copy of the script.

A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR – please read before you sign up to audition!

Director Edward Warwick White, Music Director Kristin Baltes, and Choreographer Mariko Schaper Doktor are looking for a diverse, dynamic, fun, and funny cast of strong singers and actors AGES 18 AND UP to cast in the roles listed below. We are excited to see and hear from performers of different identities, races, ethnicities, body types, and abilities. We hope you can see and hear yourself in this show!

Characters (listed alphabetically):
ALBERT. Baritone. 40s – 60s. The wedding planner. Albert is a seasoned professional who has seen it all and, as a result, is prepared for everything that can and will go wrong.
ANNIE SHEPS. Mezzo-soprano. 20s – 30s. Co-maid of honor and the bride’s best friend. Her priority throughout the show is to just get Rebecca through her wedding day.
AUNT SHEILA. Mezzo-soprano. Should read as 50s – 60s. The bride’s aunt. Aunt Sheila is out to enjoy herself in every way possible on her niece’s big day. Same actor also plays MIMSY.
BRIAN HOWARD. Tenor/baritone. 20s – 30s. The groom. Brian is hoping that the wedding will go off without a hitch, and keeps trying to impress Rebecca’s family while trying to deal with his difficult, emotionally-detached father.
GEORGE HOWARD. Baritone. 50s – 60s. Father of the groom. George is concerned about his son’s future even if he can’t quite connect with him on any sort of emotional level.
GEORGETTE HOWARD. Alto/mezzo. 50s – 60s. Mother of the groom. Georgette is a society lady who dreads watching her baby boy leave her for another woman.
GREG MADISON. Tenor. 20s – 30s. Best man and the groom’s best friend. A fun and happy guy who just wants to have fun, but also begins feeling the strain of the wedding day.
JENNY STEINBERG. Mezzo-soprano. 30s – 40s. Co-maid of honor and the bride’s older sister. Jenny is accomplished, strong, and proud of herself…even if others, her mother in particular, don’t see her for who she truly is.
JUDY STEINBERG. Alto. 50s – 60s. Mother of the bride. Judy is blunt, loud, and shoots from the hip. She loves her children dearly, even when they don’t listen to her (which they always should).
MARTY KAUFMAN. Tenor. 30s – 40s. The bride’s ex-boyfriend. Marty accidentally finds out about the wedding, rushes in uninvited, and gets wrapped up in the chaos of the day.
MIMSY. Mezzo-soprano. Any age. One of Albert’s assistants. Mimsy is absolutely enjoying every bit of chaos that the wedding day brings. Same actor also plays AUNT SHEILA.
MURRAY STEINBERG. Bass/baritone. 50s – 60s. Father of the bride. He is a kind man who loves his wife’s large personality and adores his daughters. Murray just wants everyone to have a great time.
REBECCA STEINBERG. Soprano. 20s – 30s. The bride. Rebecca is high-strung and anxious about her special day. She has a difficult time coping as the day continues to provide unexpected challenges.
UNCLE MORTY. Baritone. Should read as 50s – 60s. The bride’s uncle. Uncle Morty doesn’t hear too well and sometimes has problems with his memory, resulting in considerable confusion for everyone around him. Same actor also plays WALT.
WALT. Baritone. Any age. One of Albert’s assistants. Walt dreams of being a wedding planner, even though he’s a bit of a mess. Same actor also plays UNCLE MORTY.

TO AUDITION: Go to the link below for a folder with instructions as well as a copy of the script.

COVID POLICY: We highly prefer all performers and volunteers be fully vaccinated. Regardless of vaccination status, everyone must wear a mask in the building at all times. Actors may remove their masks when performing on the Mainstage ONLY IF THEY ARE VACCINATED, and should put masks back on when leaving the stage. Anyone who is unvaccinated must keep their mask on at all times, including performances. No exceptions.

Questions about the show? Email Edward (director) at Questions about the audition process or having technical difficulties? Email