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Today on StageWrite, we are thrilled to welcome guest blogger Lynn Thorne. You’ve seen her on the Four County Players Mainstage as the Wicked Witch in the 2014 production of SHREK: The Musical. Lynn is the author of Word Of Mouth Advertising Online and Off: How to Spark Buzz, Excitement and Free Publicity for Your Business or Organization With Little or No Money (Atlantic Press, 2008). She is a successful freelance journalist with work appearing in The Washington Post Express and other publications. A former broadcast journalist, she got her on-air start in Charlottesville at WVIR TV before gracing the airwaves of local TV and radio stations across Virginia and Wisconsin. Lynn is an active blogger on thatswhatlynnsaid.com, which focuses on LGBT issues.





What would you do if your wife announced she wanted to become a man? That question is at the center of an upcoming book that features some names that will be familiar to Four County folks – Marc and Jennifer Schindler.

image1Based on a true story, Who Am I If You’re Not You? offers a deeply intimate look at the impacts of gender transition. Some may not know it, but Marc, who played Albert in Bye, Bye, Birdie on the Four County Mainstage in 2014 used to be known as Marika before he transitioned. His wife, Jennifer, recently choreographed The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

In the book, I document Marc and Jen’s experiences as they work

ed through the process. Unlike most books on this topic, which are told from the transitioning person’s viewpoint, Who Am I If You’re Not You? chronicles Jennifer’s experiences as her wife changed gender.

Jen faced multiple life-altering choices: Stay. Leave. Say no and stand in the way of her true love’s happiness, or say yes, knowing it meant a drastic change in the life they’ve built together. Along the way she was forced to defend Marc against others who couldn’t – or wouldn’t – understand his decision, even as she herself didn’t understand. Stress, resentment, and self-doubt caused a downward spiral of self-injury, eating disorders, and suicidal behaviors. Who 

image2 (1)Am I If You’re Not You? follows Jennifer’s journey to support her spouse while saving herself.

And at its heart, it begs a question of the reader: Do you love someone enough to stay in a relationship, even with a gender change?

I’m crowdfunding this book and could really use your assistance! If you’re inclined to support the effort, or just want to know more, please check out the book’s website at www.WhoAmITheBook.com and consider preordering a copy to help us share this remarkable tale.

I’ve long believed that love isn’t just a feeling. Love is a commitment. Nothing demonstrates that better than Marc and Jennifer’s story.

To love, with love,



A memorable moment during “Flushed Down the Pipes,” The Great American Trailer Park Musical, choreographed by Jennifer Schindler


Marc Schindler