Four County Players Staff

Four County Players Staff - Rowena Halpin

Rowena Halpin

Row (Theater Operations Director) discovered Four County Players when she worked as a screen printer and studio assistant at the Nichols Gallery between 1978 and 1984, alongside Fred and Beth Nichols. One day, Fran Smith (then Fran Sackett) stopped in to inquire if the Gallery could print some t-shirts for the T.R.E.E. Program over at Four County Players, which was just up the road … and voilĂ , her introduction to community theater in Central Virginia. She began volunteering at Live Arts in Charlottesville in 1990, running and designing lights and sound, and was hired as a LA staff member in 2000. Row has participated in many successful collaborations, and has witnessed the pitfalls and innovations that combine forces to keep a theater going, volunteers energized, and audiences engaged. Her home is in downtown Barboursville, over on the vineyard side of the tracks, where she lives with her best, dearest friend Renee and some fine cats. She maintains a studio at home where she paints and makes cards. Row feels fortunate and, quite frankly, awed that she is now working with the theater that really is in her community!