Become a Member of Four County Players

Thank you for supporting Four County Players. Bravo to you for your interest!

Membership is vital to keeping Four County Players a vibrant part of the community.

All regular members of Four County Players are:*

  • Entitled to vote at the annual meeting
  • Eligible to stand for election to the board of directors
  • Included in the listing of members in mainstage performance playbill and on our website
  • Eligible for early access to ticket sales (when available)*Youth members are not eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting.

Membership Levels

  • Youth (ages 12-17): $10 (If involved in a 4CP production, first year is free!)
  • Friend: $25
  • Supporter: $100
  • Patron: $250
  • Angel: $500
  • Producer: $1,000
  • Lifetime: $10,000

It’s easy to become a member!  Click the become a member button.  

Become a member!

You may also mail your membership dues to:Four County Players
5256 Governor Barbour St.
Barboursville, Virginia 22923

Sponsorship:  Businesses and individuals may support Four County Players productions by sponsoring or cosponsoring a mainstage show, a Cellar performance, workshops, or other event. To learn more about show sponsorships or to advertise in a playbill, email Edward Warwick White at for rates.

Meet our current membership! (Updated as of 1.4.2024)
Don’t see your name? Contact Jennifer Phelps to make sure your membership is up-to-date!

Carl and Sandy Schwaner
Gene Wagner

Auto Owners Insurance (sponsor)
Bankers Insurance (sponsor)
PJ Networks (sponsor)
Geri Schirmer
Stu White
David and Linda Zuby

Donna and David Blackistone
Jeanne Bruton
Kristen and David Dillehunt
Elaine Fogliani
Meg Hoover
JF Legault
Laurie Lowrance
Marty Moore
Wendy Novicoff
Debbie and Charlie Owen
Geri and Chip Sauls
Angela and Chad Sokolowski
Jeff and Karen Ward
Oliver and Margaret Weiss

UVA Community Credit Union (advertiser)
Melanie Benjamin and Brian Geiger
Dorothy Carannante
Bob and Jackie Coiner
Andrea Gavin
Carolyn Hoffman
John Holdren and Tricia Emlet
David Hoover
Mary Cail and John Baker
Brian and Paige Johns
David and Virginia Lutton
Robert and Letty Ann Macdonald
Joe and Kate Monaghan
Susan and Pete Morris
Gail and Irv Peters
Steven Reid
Carl and Sandra Schwaner
Miller Susen
Laurie Vidaver
Tres and Cyndi Wells
Barbara Wimble
Mark Zimmerman

Light House Studio (advertiser)
Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc (advertiser)
Wilson School of Dance (advertiser)
Woodberry Forest School Drama Department (advertiser)
Julie Alexandrin
Nate Ardanowski
Joan Ashley
PMH and Terry Atwater
Nicky Audibert
Kristin Baltes
Dwayne and Elaine Barnes
MaryAnn Barnes
Donna Bilko
Jean and James Booth
Karen Bossert
Ann and Don Brady
Kara Burke
Lisa Bush
John Michael Cadaret
Michael Caplin
Sara Conklin
Cheryl Cooper
Ken and Linda Copeland
Mary and David Cox
Jean Dansey
Jean DePiro
Jennifer and Michael Donovan
Donald and Minna Doyle
Blair Driskell
Karen Dunnivan
Dana Edelman
Pam and Bob Edelman
Wayne and Michelle Edwards
Daniel and Julee Ellsworth
Mimi Ensminger
Frank Faust
Rebecca Gess
Calvin and Tina Gilley
Cheryl Griffith
Kevin and Gerilee Hagood
Barbara Hamran
Charles and Stephanie Hess
Kevin and Michele Hogan
Linda and Marc Hogan
Michael Holthus
Katie Hutchins
Patricia Iannucci
Judy Kirby
Michael and Becky Kneller
Jaime Kurtz
Donna Marie LaTorre
Liz and Rich Leukroth
Terry Lohman
Mary Ann and William Lucia
Sara Lupo
Michelle Majorin
Erika Marshall
Frances Meiklejohn
David and Jennifer Merriman
Henry Micks
Michelle Mohl
Larkin Mott
Tom and Sue Murphy
Mark and Carolyn O’Hara
Jeff and Mary Palmer
Cathryn Astin and Patti Rose
Boomie Pedersen
Linda Pierce
Chip and Mary Queitzsch
John Rabasa
Vicki and Tony Remijan
Eric Rodas
Kim and Dan Sartorious
Mariko and Kevin Schaper Doktor
Mary Lou and Charlie Seilheimer
Katherine Semering
Mrs. V.R. Shackleford lll
Leah and Kevin Shiraishi
Bryan and Heather Snyder
Carrie Soubra
Mary and Mark Speed
Dan Stern
Eric Stevenson
Gerald Stockli
Nicole Strickland
Pam and Alex Sullivan
Christine Sweeters
Devynn and Derby Thomas
Kim Trotter
Tom and Meghan Wallace
Edward and Gary Warwick White
David Welty
Rachael Wenger
Susan Wetherall
Bonita White
Leslie McFaden and Mary Beth Wiley
Debbie and Rick Wilkinson
Larry and Rebecca Williams
Carlene and Allan Wilson
Christopher Wolfe/ Wolfe Insurance
Sid and Linnea Wood
Nick and Jackie Yates
Karen and Zachary Zimet

Aisling Flower Farm (advertiser)
Susan Albert
William Albright
Paula Aldridge
Heather Anderson
Jack Artale
Gerry Ayres
Patricia Babe
Michelle Banaszak
Brandon Barfield
Barbara Barry
Judy and Ferdinand Bazin
Carolyn Beach
Debra Beale
Anne and Jim Beavers
Steve Bliss
Ruth Bracken
Cheryl Briggs
Vestris Brooks
Janis Buchanan
Bob and Lorraine Busey
Kate Campbell
Ella Caplin
Johncie Carlson
Mary Carlton
Jennifer Carver
Barbara and James Cato
Sarah Chappel
Patti Christie
Claire Clark
Sarah Cousineau
Linda Crist
Heather Crowley
Karen Dabney
Andrew Davis
Teresa Deahm
Donna Diaz
Gloria Jean Dodds
Janice Dodrill
Virginia Donnelly
Patricia Doorley
Chris Dulaney
Melissa Dunn
Erik and Jennifer Elvgren
Robert and Brittany Eversberg
Christy Ferguson
Stephanie Finn
Charles Fisher
Sherie Flores
Laura and George Foussekis
Patrick Gallagher
Richard Gard
Kristen Gass
Kelly Gentry
Lynn Giaccotto
Stacy Gibson
Christina Gibson
Tracy Gill
Janice Gillmore
Joyce Gredler
Francesca Gutowski
Sibyl Hale
Amy Hamburger
Kate Hamilton
Susan Haney
Tom and Mary Pat Hanson
Steve Heggemann
Mark Hoerath
Judy Holder
Rachel Hommel
Tim Hulsey and Christopher Smith
Myrna Janzen
Conrad Jenkins
Karen & John Johnson
Anna Jones
Karla Jones
Sheila Katz
Alison and Steven Levine
Lynne Lewis
Susan Lieser
Catherine Livingston
John Lockney
Jan Lovell
Patti LuFord
Bobbie Magee
Lena Malcolm
Sara Mann
Kirk Martini
Laura and Richard Mawyer
Diane McCallum
Kevin McHaney
Lisa Medders
Hank and Susan Milledge
Kelly Miller
Leena Miller
Carl Miller
Betty Miller
Tom Murphy
Marilee Newman
Gary and Kristine Nickelson
Jessica Niziolek
Jane Olsen
Jane Pace
Rebecca Paxton
Jennifer and Andy Phelps
Shelby Phillips
Linda Pickett
Marcia Pitts
Jim Polson
Brenda Price
Tiffany Prouix
Gina Elliott Prouix
Gavin Pugh
Catherine Randall
Timothy Read
Deborah Rice
Donna Richards
Nancy Rickabaugh
Layne Rickabaugh
William Riesmeyer
Linda Rittenhouse
Jill Rockwell
Anya Rothman
Melissa Sanders
Maria Santana
Marc Schindler
Jen Schindler
Doug Schneider
Karen Schultz
Dana Schwarzkopf
Tara Scott
Peggy Seefried
Edward and Kathy Seroskie
Terry Shaffer
Susan Sharon
Ann and Patrick Sheridan
Sandra Shifflett
Karen Shifflett
Karen Shipley
Lori Shoenfelder
Bill and JoAnne Speiden
Janis Lynn Spiers
Alison and Steve Stokes
Berta and John Storey
Dean and Katherine Talley
Tammy Tatum
Tammy Trice
Marie Trotter
Andrew Trotter Jr
Fay Utz
Hannah Vidaver
Christina Wallace
Donna Wallace
Jane Watson
Gerard Weatherby
Amy and Owen Wells
John Wharton
Michelle Whitlock
Rebecca Whyley
Leslie McFaden and Mary Beth Wiley
David Wilkinson
Genesis Williams
Barry Witt
Michele Wood
Victoria Zybko

Reagan Cathcart