Four County Players is excited to announce AUDITIONS for:

By Michael Frayn

Directed by Boomie Pedersen

AUDITIONS: Sunday, October 22 at 7PM at Four County Players (5256 Governor Barbour Street, Barboursville), and Monday, October 23 at 7PM at Belmont Arts Collaborative (221 Carlton Road, Suite 3, Charlottesville). Auditions are OPEN CALL, but we request that you RSVP to let us know which night you plan to attend.

CALLBACKS: TBD — they will be the following week if needed

REHEARSALS: Beginning January 2018; exact schedule TBD based on cast availability

PERFORMANCES: March 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 on the Mainstage at Four County Players

About the play:
One of our most-requested shows ever, and regarded by many as the funniest play ever written, this multiple award-winning manic farce follows a motley touring company rehearsing and performing a flop called Nothing’s On. Slamming doors, on and offstage intrigue, clashing personalities, and an errant herring all figure into the plot of this dizzying, side-splittingly hilarious comedy.

Auditions will consist of reading from the script. Please come with your best British accent! Director Boomie Pedersen is looking for a talented, diverse cast of 9 actors AGES 25 AND UP, to fill the following roles:

LLOYD DALLAS – The director of Nothing On, the farce that the characters in Noises Off are attempting to perform. Lloyd is passionate, suave, and extremely harried. He has a hot temper which he barely manages to keep in check, most of the time, as he watches his production go from bad to worse to disaster. He is secretly dating both Brooke and Poppy which leads to much trouble.

DOTTY OTLEY – An aging prima donna. Her money is funding the production. She has a great deal of trouble remembering her lines, blocking, and props, but capable of using spite or self-pity to get her way. Dotty is having an affair with the much younger Garry. She plays the part of Mrs. Clackett, a cockney housekeeper for the Brent’s home in England; hospitable, though slow.

GARRY LEJEUNE – Means well and believes in “The Theatre.” Tries to keep the show going and everyone’s morale up, but often has trouble finishing his sentences. His good nature is replaced with jealously when he believes Dotty has begun carrying on with Frederick. Garry plays the part of Roger, a real estate agent who is attempting to rent the house, but uses it for a place to have an affair with Vicki.

BROOK ASHTON – Young and sexy, but a terrible actress. Brooke is incapable of taking direction. She is spacey and tuned-out – whether onstage or off. Blind as a bat without her contacts, which have a tendency to pop out at bad times. Brooke is secretly dating Lloyd, which is how she got her part in the show. She plays the part of Vicki, who secretly works for Inland Revenue and is trying to woo Roger.

POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR – The assistant stage manager of Nothing’s On; overworked and often on the verge of tears. She works frantically to keep the show from completely falling apart, a hopeless (and thankless) task.

FREDERICK FELLOWES – A neurotic, bumbling actor who is filled with self doubt but is a sweet man. Not the brightest bulb in the box. Always has a thousand questions about his lines and blocking. Violence and blood upset him, causing him to faint or get nosebleeds. He plays the part of Phillip Brent, who is currently living in Spain with his wife Flavia to avoid paying taxes. He enters the country knowing that if he is caught by Inland Revenue, he will lose most of the year’s income. He also plays the part of Sheikh, who is interested in renting the home and is the spitting image of Phillip.

BELINDA BLAIR – An experienced actress who is positive, reliable, and charming. She is a goodhearted busybody, who knows all the gossip about the company. She attempts to keep the show going as it unravels. She plays the part of Flavia, who is Phillip’s dependable wife opposed to household duties.

TIM ALLGOOD – The Company’s long-suffering stage manager who is completely exhausted and sleep-deprived. He’s responsible for an inhuman number of tasks and is forced to understudy everybody.

SELSDON MOWBRAY – A cheerful, elderly, alcoholic who forgets his lines and misses his entrances. The entire cast attempts to keep him from getting his hands on a bottle. Panic reigns when he cannot be found at all. He plays the part of an elderly burglar breaking into the Brent’s home.

For any questions, or to RSVP for auditions, contact Production Manager, Gary Warwick White, at Scripts available soon.


Four County Players is excited to announce AUDITIONS for:

Songs in the Cellar presents

Conceived and directed by Linda C. Zuby, Chief Broad
Ably counseled and assisted by Laurie Lowrance, Associate Broad
Music Direction by Erica Umback, Tune Broad
Choreography and movement by Jen Schindler, Broad in Training

AUDITIONS: Sunday, November 5 and Monday, November 6 at 7PM in the Cellar at Four County Players.

CALLBACKS: No callbacks planned at this time. We will cast the show by November 13.

REHEARSALS: A few rehearsals will be held before the end of the year. Regular rehearsals beginning January 2018; exact schedule TBD based on cast availability.

PERFORMANCES: One weekend only! February 9, 10 at 8PM; February 11 at 2:30PM in the Cellar at Four County Players.

From the director:
As a woman of a certain age, I marvel at how I got to the current me. The happy times and the sorrows. The mistakes made and the lessons learned. The trip we make as females in this world is quite amazing and seldom spotlighted. I just wanted to explore some of the many facets that go into the female perspective. How did we become broads?

Auditions are open to all Broads, i.e. “women of a certain age.” Looking to cast 7 to 9 women total. Please come prepared to sing 16 – 32 bars of a song based on the criteria below. Please bring sheet music. A capella auditions are frowned upon.

Aside from listing all known conflicts and contact info, our audition form will also ask you to list 3 songs that have significant meaning to you and the personal journey that got you to where you are. They can be songs from your youth. They can be songs from today. Broadway musicals or something contemporary. Just favorites or something that really changed you. *Please sing one of these songs for your audition.* As a part of the audition process, you may be asked to tell us why you chose the song you did — we just want to hear you tell us a little story about you!

To audition, please RSVP to Gary Warwick White (Honorary Broad) at to let us know which night you plan to attend.

Questions? Email Gary ( or Linda ( 


Auditions: January 28 & 29 on the Mainstage
By appointment only

Please check back soon for more audition specifics and details!
Please direct all questions to our Production Manager, Gary Warwick White.

We look forward to seeing you soon!