Today we are welcoming board member Elaine Fogliani to the blog to share an important update about the Build a Backstage project.  Elaine’s involvement with Four County goes back to its earliest years, and she’s in a great position to share the theater’s amazing progress and its enduring values of community and artistry. 

Build a Backstage is at the finish line, and we need your help. After forty-seven years of bringing the performing arts to Central Virginia, Four County Players is finally going to have what other theaters take for granted: a backstage. We have created the magic of theater for thousands of patrons while exposing cast and crew members to rain, cold, and the occasional snake. We have performed showstopper songs with a full stage of performers waiting to bring you this special moment while crowded onto the unbelievably small wing spaces. And now we have brought the theater very close to a time when these moments will be memories.

As in any race, the final lap is the most difficult—but the most exhilarating—because the finish line is just ahead. Through your generosity and the support of grants and foundations, we raised more than $250,000. Only $55,000 more is needed to complete the project.

Please consider making a donation that fits your budget. Every dollar moves us closer to the finish line. Visit the donation page to donate by PayPal, cash, or check. Be sure to specify the intent of your donation in your check’s memo or in the special instructions box of PayPal.

For those of you whose budget allows a contribution of $1,000 or more, we created the Circle of Finish Line Supporters. When we dedicate the backstage, we will recognize all the wonderful supporters of this project plus give those in the Circle additional appreciation as supporters of the “final lap.”