Stage managers are, by definition, multi taskers.  Our beloved SM for Once on This Island, Miranda Hogan, is no exception.  This overachiever not only pulled off a flawless opening night, but she managed to document her backstage experience.  Ever wonder what it means to be a stage manager?  Enjoy our guest blogger’s detailed, illustrated account.

1. 5:05pm- Initial caffeine acquisition.

2. 5:35pm- Arrive at theater.

3. 5:39pm- Unlock office.

4. 5:41pm- Place secret buddy opening night gift

5. 5:42pm- Turn on fans to cool backstage porch. Ignore likely futility of this


6. 5:43pm- Turn on breakers for cellar dressing room.

7. 5:44pm- Watch Carl unlock cellar dressing room.

8. 5:46pm- Caffeinate.

9. 5:48pm- Struggle to open new headset.

10. 5:52pm- Give up and plug in hot glue gun in order to fix a broken prop.

11. 5:56pm- Success!

12. 5:57pm- Caffeinate.


13. 5:58pm- Put on headset and achieve maximum stage manager style and cool.

14. 5:59pm- Receive opening night gift and feel heart warm with joy. Thanks

Secret Buddy!


15. 6:01pm- Dinner!

16. 6:13pm- Caffeinate.

17. 6:16pm- Dessert!

18. 6:19pm- Caffeinate.

19. 6:24pm-

20. 6:26pm- Finish caffeine and feel heart sink.

21. 6:27pm- Receive flower and feel heart warm more. Thanks Jane!

22. 6:31pm- Walk to grid and ensure cloud lanterns have not caught fire.

23. 6:34pm- Check actor sign-in sheet. Mentally curse the latecomers.

24. 6:38pm- Hydrate.

25. 6:48pm- Receive opening night gift and feel heart warm yet again.

Thanks Robbie!

26. 6:49pm- Set up boom box for dance warm ups. Feel grateful to not be required to participate in dance warm ups.

27. 7:03pm- Listen to inspiring words of wisdom from 4CP Board President,

Debbie Owen.

28. 7:09pm- Maximum heart warming achieved. Thanks Geri!

29. 7:11pm- Notification received. Thanks Facebook!

30. 7:31pm- The calm before the storm.

31. 7:35pm- Caffeinate again! With Christmas Coke!

32. 7:39pm- Pre-show set-up.

33. 7:48pm- Blue-light selfie!

34. 7:52pm- Send blue-light selfie via Snapchat to friends.

35. 8:00pm- Top of Show!!

36. 8:12pm- Call cues.

37. 8:22pm- Open (and close) shutter doors.

38. 8:26pm- Call more cues. Open and close more shutter doors.

39. 8:53pm- Intermission.

40. 8:56pm- Finish caffeine.

41. 9:02pm- Five minutes to places.

42. 9:11pm- Act two!


43. 9:31pm- And then there’s pages like this…

44. 9:45pm- So proud!!

45. 10:16pm- Cake!


46. 10:21pm- CAKE!!

47. 11:30pm- Good night.